Asumu Takikawa

Computer scientist and programming languages expert

I currently work at Igalia, a worker-owned company that focuses on libre/open-souce software consulting. Please do reach out to us if you are in need of consulting on web browsers, compilers, graphics, and many other areas by expert open-source developers.

We're also hiring! For an idea of what Igalia is like, check out my colleague Andy Wingo's blog post series: [1][2][3]

I also work on Racket and Typed Racket as a member of PLT. In my previous position, I worked as a research assistant and investigated how to make gradual type systems more practical. My publications are available at my academic homepage.

Writings elsewhere:

Things I'm interested in outside of programming: urbanism, housing, public transit, social justice, and bicycles.

Pronouns: he/him

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Mail: asumu at asumu dot org
PGP: 8435 930A A3CA 79E2 8D03 21C0 42EB D91B 87A9 750A